BHQ003 MISTER BEEP - The LOwest FIdelity

Yeah, it's 1bit time again!!! In order to bring you the true oldschool sound, only the most limited ZX Spectrum beeper software was used - no volume envelopes, no 8 channels, no dirty tricks. Includes two guest tracks by irrlicht project.

download here (30.8 MB)            artist homepage

BHQ002 Micromusic Get-Together 2009 Live Sets

For all of you who missed those magic moments...

Midi Man Tom Woxom
MM irrlicht project
traxxköter sally zero

BHQ001 MISTER BEEP - Monophonic Generator

B.HACK proudly presents you this sensational album by ZX Spectrum 48k and Timex 2048 guru MISTER BEEP! This is the first 1 bit album ever to be released on a netlabel!!! What you get here are 8 covers of Electronica classics, including Kraftwerk, Vangelis and Tangerine Dream, plus one original track, all written and performed on a single square wave beeper.

download here (34.2 MB)            artist homepage
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